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CNSG Consulting Group's mission is 
             to incubate best practices and
                  excellence in Global Thought Leadership.   

 Welcome to

CNSG Consulting Group

About CNSG Consulting Group

CNSG Consulting Group today is one of the most aggresive incubator in ASEAN region. However, the group takes on projects beyond ASEAN, into China, Korea, Japan, Middle East, India, Pakistan and Africa.

The focus of the group is to identify enterprises and projects that are bankable internationally and to further develop them with high value-added solutions and business propositions. In the process, the incubatees should derive maximum valuation and financial returns, allowing them to easily exit in ready market with high liquidity.

To know more about CNSG Consulting Group, please contact Lawrence at +65 6337 2368 or via email to lawrence,ng@cnsg.com.sg

Looking for CommerceNet Singapore?

To go to CommerceNet Singapore, click here.

CommerceNet Singapore is a focused entrepreneurial research group that supports exceptional ideas, projects and thought leadership. The platform allows talents to go beyond traditional pilot projects, research grants and seed fundings. The platform taps the power of the Internet to transform existing processes to make them more ubiquitous, trustworthy and efficient.

To know more about CommerceNet Singapore, please contact Ramesh at +65 6337 3808 or via email to ramesh@cnsg.com.sg

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