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The views and answers to this FAQ are contributed by various CNSG corporate members, consultative partners and consultants. If you have any queries relating to FAQ, you may send your queries to info@cnsg.com.sg
I intend to start up an eBusiness, where do I go from here?
Where can I get help and guidance pertaining to intellectual property?
Where can I find fundings?
ANS 1 : Probably the most important point when you decide to setup an eBusiness is to have a clear understanding what your business offers. Try to understand who else provides similar products or services that you intend to offer, and what is your distinct competitive advantage(s).

eBusiness today is highly developed and very advanced. Unless you have very clear business proposition and business model, it may help to talk to your local ICT chapters, or SME assistance programmes. If you are in Singapore, you may want to contact CommerceNet Singapore's CPs who are volunteers from the industry working towards the betterment of eBusiness environment. There is no consultancy fee chargeable by our CPs.

You may also want to contact iDA for guidance if your initiatives spans or have industry-wide implications.

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ANS 2 : The main person that may help you are lawyers specialising in IP laws. There are also some volunteers in CommerceNet that can help you go through the often tedious process of identifying your Ip before you see the lawyers.

You may also want to sek an appointment with Intellectual Property Office of Singapore to talk to an industry liaison officer.

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ANS 3 : Very often you may find funding your idea a stumbling block. You are encouraged to write a good business plan to outline what your intention are and what amount you seek to raise. Also it is important that you prove you have the ability to run the venture diligently.

If you are unable to build a good business plan, you should seek the assitance of CommerceNet CPs who will discuss with you some of the pertinents points of your business. Alternative steps include outsourcing your business plan to be written by professionals. Without a good business plan that clearlky states the outline of your business, the chance of getting funding is almost negligible.

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"The above is the view of the author and does not in any way represent the view of CNSG. CNSG will not be responsible or liable for any discrepancy whatsoever, nor liable for any claim whatsoever arising from the information presented herein."

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