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CommerceNet Singapore Board of Directors 2011/2012

Mr. Tay Kheng Tiong
Chairman, CommerceNet Singapore Ltd

Assoc Prof Toh See Kiat
Director and Chairman, Goodwins Law Corporation
Vice Chairman, CommerceNet Singapore Ltd

CommerceNet Singapore Membership
Founded in 1994, CommerceNet is an independent, non-profit organization that brings together forward-thinking leaders in business, government, technology and academia to actively focus on the advancement of eBusiness worldwide.

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) was formed with the MOU for CNSG signed in July 1997. CNSG membership is a powerful vehicle to help fuel your professional goals and drive the unique interests of your business. Through collaboration with cross-industry peers, you will stay on the edge of the most critical and exciting technology developments and benefit from shared learning. As a CNSG member, you will:

Grow Your Business.
Find strategic partners and business opportunities by working with the best minds and most prominent technology leaders from around the world.

Maintain a Competitive Edge.
Be at the forefront of industry developments and gain early access to cutting-edge ideas, business practices and innovative tools critical to eBusiness and technology applications.

Maximize Your Resources.
Increase the return on your company's own technology and business R&D efforts through work on CommerceNet industry initiatives.

Find and Engage Support.
Belong to a global community comprised of industry professionals facing similar challenges as they strive to test and utilize new technologies to streamline business processes and make their companies more efficient.

Propel the Industry.
Share and receive valuable industry experience and expertise to help speed market development and spur industry-wide acceptance of eBusiness advancements.

Interested in becoming a member?
For more information please contact Ms. Merlissa Phua at merlissa@cnsg.com.sg

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