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Global Partnership Programme

Curriculum Development Unit

Next Generation Internet / Internet II

Global Reliability Programme/Trustmarks


Pilots (2003 -2004)


Global Partnership Programme

The CommerceNet global program is designed to extend the reach of your company worldwide. As a member, we will connect you with strategic partners in other countries which will help you promote your business in these e-marketplace.

With these points in mind, a CommerceNet Global Partner has five main functions:
  1. To Educate the marketplace and members on the benefits of electronic commerce.
  2. To serve as an Advocate for industry vis-à-vis governments to help forward a policy agenda conducive to the successful growth of global electronic commerce.
  3. To Promote members¹ capabilities in the field of electronic commerce.
  4. To Demonstrate, through Market-based Pilots and Test-beds, new technologies and business models for electronic commerce.
  5. To Facilitate linkages and networking opportunities for members.


Members' Benefit

  • International forum for exchange of advance information amongst CN members
  • Create linkages and networking opportunities for members
  • Enhance visibility of CN members
  • Discuss cross border issues with regards to policies, trade, tariffs, IPR
  • Promote use of efficient infrastructure and standards based on non-proprietary and compatible standards for EC

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