CNSG's Role

CNSG plays an active role as advocate, educate and test new technologies to drive their acceptance and adoption. In the process, we build, manage and/or operate a strategic vision, service or network, including incubating and/or spin out new companies. We seed the creation of intellectual property, and acts as industry consultants to other organisations. CNSG also brings cross-industry, multidisciplinary groups together to collaborate in strategic industries that need third party intervention.

CNSG strongest value proposition include the distributions of risks and costs by strategically sharing knowledge and resources, accelerate ROI for new industries and at the same time developing new business opportunities and business models. CNSG also arrange very early investment into technology pilots, test-beds and grants for technology companies, usually on bold untested business models

History of CommerceNet

CommerceNet was launched in April 1994 in Silicon Valley. CommerceNet is a stellar example of the success of industry/government partnerships. Originally established under a Federal research grant, the membership has grown across national boundaries to organisations worldwide, including leading financial, technology, manufacturing, distribution, government and retail organizations.
Additionally, CommerceNet has helped launch over a dozen successful Internet and eCommerce companies, strategic initiatives and national ICT policies.

CommerceNet have established a reputation as a neutral, technology facilitator and catalyst – helping to create an environment that
encouraged the flow of new ideas and concepts, creating a unified eCommerce and eBusiness movement. It is now the leading independent non-profit technology organisation. Member-driven initiatives today include those that advance eBusiness, industry-wide strategic initiatives, creation of business value, advanced education, mediation, and certification worldwide